The Vandabelles are no ordinary band.

Based in Sydney, Australia and also Los Angeles, USA, Jess and Kitch live approximately 12,065 km apart but..... they make it work. Rewind back to March 2007, at a small quaint gig in Sydney’s Newtown, two acts supported a mutual friend. Awkward but amusing introductions were exchanged - at least on Jess’s part and a mutual respect for each other’s music led naturally to an instant friendship. It was when Kitch swooped in a few weeks later to save the day and fill in for the guitarist in Jess’s band, that their fate was sealed… Kitch never left the band.

Years of writing songs and gigging around Sydney followed and 2012 saw The Vandabelles finally record their debut album ‘Outside Looking In’ which received a bunch of radio play in Australia and the UK. Then came a change that would send The Vandabelles down a less conventional road, with Kitch relocating to LA. What to do? You can’t have a band with one member living on the other side of the world! Well….turns out Kitch was impossible to replace, so Skype and Facetime took on a whole new meaning.

Fast forward to 2016 and The Vandabelles have since written and recorded a second album ‘Twelve Sixty Five’, successfully funded by their Kickstarter Crowd Funding Campaign that they also filmed and created over Facetime and Skype which is set for release in February of 2016.

Just goes to show, distance makes the band grow stronger!